My hand reaching for the Towers

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WTC 1999

New York City. An ordinary day. An ordinary tourist
From the Statue of Liberty to the WorldTradeCenter
So much to see, so little time. So I haste my pace.
I'm on Top of the World now,
overlooking the city, realizing a dream.
Now I'm down at the square.
My back on a bench, my feet are swollen-what a day!
As I devour a hot dog over small talk
My hand, held high, plays with the Twin Towers.
Under a clear blue sky ... I feel happy.

WTC 2001

Noise. Darkness. Chaos. Silence.
Steel tumbles as the rage builds up.
I wish my hand could stop the Towers from falling.
But all I can do is raise my voice
To pray for the victims
To denounce the cowards.

I must be calm, but I'm angry
I must be confident, but I'm frightened.
I will not take justice in my hand
But I will hope for justice till the end of times.

© 2001 Carlos A. Ledesma Castaneda.

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