200 years ago two men embarked on a difficult journey.
Their mission was to find a passage to the Pacific Ocean.
Their names were Lewis and Clark, and they were full of optimism.

Last June, after a hard battle with cancer, my father passed away
Like Lewis and Clark, my father was on a difficult journey.
Like them, he was always optimistic.
Like them, he's finally reached his own Pacific shore

As he lived in Cuba and I in the United States
I was unable to attend the funeral, to say good bye,
to pay my respect in his gravesite.

Instead it seemed a fitting homage to offer him flowers,
as I stood on the spot dedicated to the brave expeditioners,
overlooking the Missouri river in Kansas City.

May those flowers reach the mighty Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico.
May they then mix with the waters that bathe the shores of Cuba
May they bid my father farewell in my name.

May they help purify the land that poisoned his blood

To all friends and family, thanks for your support.

Yo quiero ser llorando el hortelano
de la tierra que ocupas y estercolas



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